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Alumni Speak

  • Parth Singh

    'Pursuing a minor in IRGS has alerted me to the volatility that informs the international engagement and novel governance practices, has equipped me to understand the drivers of these changes and... read more

  • Chitra Pratap

    'As a student of commerce and economics, I was on very unfamiliar terrain when I started learning international relations and governance. Through fascinating material, engaging lectures and... read more

  • Shreyanshi Upadhyaya

    'My experience with the department has given me a unique academic record. Attending vibrant lectures, exploring multiple areas of interest and pursuing research in a chosen field has resulted in... read more

  • Manjeeth S.P.

    'Through the IRGS minor, I was able to explore courses in the social sciences along with my degree in Physics, which is gave me a holistic outlook for my civil services career ahead. Learning from... read more

  • Rohil Vaidya

    'As a student with a background in the natural sciences from senior school to my undergraduate education, the minor in International Relations (IR) was to be the spark of multidisciplinarity I was... read more

  • Devarya Srivastava

    'The IRGS department at SNU provides an important space for the study of the 'International'. By eschewing a singular perspective to the study of world politics and nurturing methodological and... read more