Doctoral | Department of International Relations and Governance Studies


The Department of International Relations and Governance Studies at Shiv Nadar University invites applications for admission to its PhD programme.

The Doctoral Programme in International Relations and Governance Studies provides research scholars an excellent opportunity to acquire and consolidate a diverse set of skills. Scholars will get a ringside view of the discipline of International Relations – covering disciplinary history, theory and empirics – as well as of global currents in the study of political thought, governance and development. They will participate in debates on the philosophy of science/social science while developing a 'nuts and bolts' pragmatism when it comes to operationalizing their doctoral projects.

The threads that runs through the PhD programme are, first, an understanding of the significance of context – historical, cultural, economic, among others – when it comes to thinking about the world and, second, a keen awareness of the need to address asymmetries and deeper imbalances of knowledge production, circulation and consumption between the global North and the global South. The objective at the SNU, therefore, is to develop an Indian approach to international relations and global governance.

The programme spans 4 years or 8 semesters. It entails 1 year of course work and 3 years of thesis writing. Progression from coursework to thesis writing is contingent on performance in the coursework. The programme commences in Monsoon 2019 semester, around end-July/early-August 2019. Once selected, doctoral candidates are expected on reside on campus for at least 2 years and participate in the Department’s activities.

Students accepted to the programme shall receive a doctoral fellowship of Rs. 50,000/- per month for 4 years.