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China in Global Politics

China’s rise in global influence is the result of not just over 40 years of economic reforms and opening up but also of its willingness to put the resources it has gained in the process to political use. China has, thus, become an active player in international politics gradually increasing its sphere of activities from its immediate neighbourhood in East Asia in ever widening arcs outwards. These have included the development of wide-ranging bilateral diplomatic relations, greater participation in existing regional and global multilateral institutions, and the expansion of its military capabilities. Along the way, and especially in the last half decade or so, China has differentiated itself ever more sharply from the rest of the world, challenging, in particular, dominant Western narratives and norms on a range of issues from economic development to international law and civil rights. In addition to participating in and seeking a greater say in existing global institutions, Beijing is now creating new international institutions under its own leadership as a way of setting itself up as an alternative to the United States, which it sees as its principal rival. This course looks at the both the process of China’s rise in global politics as well as the factors behind this rise, domestic as well as external.

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