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Understanding China

China is India’s largest neighbour, the world’s second-largest economy and rising rapidly in political influence globally, including in India’s near and extended neighbourhood. Despite these facts, China remains poorly understood and inadequately studied in India. Perceptions tend towards the negative and stereotypical based on the history of the short border conflict of 1962 or altogether brief encounters through movies and the news media. What is more, the recent record of India-China relations as highlighted in Indian media –Chinese transgressions at the disputed boundary, and China’s position on terrorism or on India’s accession as a permanent member of the UN Security Council among others – reinforce some of these perceptions. Clearly, China is receiving increasing attention in India but are its actions, motivations, and intentions being understood properly? This course offers a broad-brush introduction to Chinese history, society, and politics as well as perspectives on India-China relations, specifically and Chinese foreign policy, more generally, towards this end.

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