Dr. Shibashis Chatterjee | Department of International Relations and Governance Studies


Dr. Shibashis
Professor and Head of Department
Department of International Relations and Governance Studies
School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS)
Shiv Nadar University
Profile Summary 

Shibashis Chatterjee (Ph.D.) is a Professor at the Department of International Relations and Governance Studies at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Earlier, he had been a Professor at the Department of International Relations and, and Director, School of International Relations and Strategic Studies at Jadavpur University in Kolkata. At Jadavpur University, he was also the Director of the Nippon Foundation endowed Sasakawa Trust Fellowship Program (SYLFF). He was the editor of the Jadavpur Journal of International Relations (SAGE) from 2016 to 2019. His areas of interest are international relations theory and political theory, Indian foreign policy, and South Asian politics. At Jadavpur University he taught courses on political theory, IR theory, theories of security and peace, and the philosophy of social sciences. He has been a recipient of many international fellowships, has presented papers at many international conferences, and has published widely in the areas of IR theory and its applications. He had been on the board of studies of the University of Hyderabad and the University of Sikkim and currently represents as an External Member of the Board of Studies of South Asia University, Northeastern Hill University (Shillong), and Pondicherry University.

Educational Qualifications 
Ph.D. in Arts
Jadavpur University
MA in International Relations
Jadavpur University
BA in Political Science
Jadavpur University
Work Experience 
Department of International Relations at Jadavpur University,
Department of Political Science at Rabindra Bharati University,

Scholarly Activity



Spatial Imaginations of South Asia (Global OUP, 2019);


Nuclear Non-Proliferation and the Problem of Threshold States (Minerva, 1999)

Journal Publications (accepted or published)


"Regionalism in West Bengal: A Critical Engagement”, India Review, Taylor & Francis, Philadelphia, Volume 13, Issue 4, 2014

“Western Theories and the non-Western World: A Search for Relevance”, South Asian Survey (SAGE), 21(1&2), 2017.

“Institutions, Democracy and ‘Corruption’ in India: Examining Potency and Performance”, Japanese Journal of Political Science, 14(3), 2013 (co-authored).