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Research at the Department

Research at the Department encompasses both mainstream and critical areas within IR as well as cognate fields. We shall add to our IR research areas as we augment our faculty strength. Research areas of individual faculty members are listed below. We advise you to contact individual faculty members if you wish to collaborate with them or carry out your research as their advisee.  


  1. Dr Kaveri Gill researches Development and Political Economy.  

  2. Dr Jabin Jacob's research interests include Chinese domestic politics, China-South Asia relations, Sino-Indian border areas, Indian and Chinese worldviews, and centre-province relations in China.

  3. Prof. Siddharth Mallavarapu's areas of research are International Relations Theory, Disciplinary Histories of International Relations, Global Governance and the Global South, Comparative Political Thought, Security Studies, Heuristics in the Social Sciences, and Cognition and World Politics.

  4. Dr Medha's work investigates the historical and colonial constitution of global order and the entanglements of race, religion, gender, caste and class this entails. 

  5. Dr Atul Mishra has research interests in contemporary Indian Foreign Policy, International Relations of Modern South Asia and International Thought in modern South Asia as well as contemporary Asian International Relations. 

  6. Dr Sruthi Muraleedharan's research areas are Political Theory, International Relations Theory, Politics of Identity, Performativity and Symbolism, Politics of Space and City, Politics of South Asia, Gender Studies (South Asia, Africa and West Asia), Research Methods (especially Visual Ethnography).

  7. Dr. Priyanka's research interests are in international and comparative political economy with an emphasis on China and the developing world, as well as international negotiations and global economic governance.

  8. Prof. Rajeswari Raina works in the areas of Agricultural and Rural Innovation, Institutional Economics, STS (Science, Technology, Society Studies), Environment and Governance Studies.