Dr. Kaveri Gill at City Scripts | Department of International Relations and Governance Studies

Dr. Kaveri Gill at City Scripts

Speaks on scholarship on urban affairs and waste policy. 

  • Dr. Gill at a fieldsite.

At this event organised by the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Bengaluru, Dr. Gill spoke on two panels.

The opening panel, Theorising the Urban: Academic Writing as a Form of Knowledge Production, bought together interesting perspectives on urban scholarship in the Global South, including the importance of the vernacular; non-academic ways of writing the city; and the fecundity of shared experience and intellectual exchange within the Global South. Dr. Gill spoke about the process and politics of researching and writing about the informal sector in the post-colonial city, as well as the experience of authoring a monograph.

In the panel, Unravelling the Black Bag: Waste and the City, academics, practitioners, bloggers and a waste worker-activist moonlighting as a community radio jockey came together to share their perspectives on mapping the city through its discarded matter and the lived realities of the subordinate informal labour dependent on it. Dr. Gill spoke about her research on the informal waste economy of India, including policy changes in the sphere in the last decade.

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