Prof. Rajeswari Raina's new book on Post-Growth Thinking in India

Prof. Raina and Prof. Julien-François Gerber have edited Post-Growth Thinking in India: Towards Sustainable Egalitarian Alternatives, which presents diverse alternatives to the current growth-driven model of development.

As the state and the market became key actors in the economy, GDP growth has emerged as the central policy goal. Presently, as a rapidly growing economy with widening inequality and huge environmental problems, India needs to rethink its social–ecological transitions. Post-Growth Thinking in India discusses the relevance of ‘prosperity without growth’, or ‘post-growth’ for India, at a time when grassroots alternatives confront and question the consequences of growth.

‘Post-growth’ calls for a resizing and reorganisation of the social metabolism that would allow societies to live within their ecological means, and within democratic, equitable, and localised economies.