Minor Programmes | Department of International Relations and Governance Studies

Minor Programmes

The Department offers two Minor programmes, one in International Relations (IR) and another in Political Philosophy. 

The Minor in IR exposes students to the essentials of the discipline and develops a global outlook to better understand the connections between local, national and international developments. It can be used as a bridge to further studies in the field, such as a major or a graduate degree in IR. It will also help students who seek to acquire an ability to analyze and interpret international developments to complement their future academic and professional pursuits.

The Minor in Political Philosophy will equip students with knowledge of the larger ideas that have underpinned our understanding of politics, state and governance. Training in the traditions and methods of political philosophy will enable students to understand and problematize key concerns and concepts that constitute our understanding of political reality. A big picture perspective will enable students to locate prevalent ideas about politics in their historical and cultural contexts. In addition to an intensive engagement with the philosophical underpinnings of political ideas and action, an introduction to critical philosophical thinking skills will hold the students in good stead in any career that they choose to pursue.