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Minor in International Relations

The Department offers an undergraduate Minor in International Relations to those university students who are pursuing undergraduate majors in other disciplines. 

Key Information

International Relations and Governance Studies
School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SoHSS)
Dr. Shekhar Singh, UG Advisor
0120 - 3819100 Extn: 139

The Minor comprises a rigorous exposure to the essentials of International Relations (IR). It familiarizes students with the fundamentals of IR as a discipline and offers skills of analyis and writing on issues within the field. Students take the same courses as are offered as part of the Major in IR to the Departmental students, and they go through the same assessement process. 

The Department offers 11 core courses as part of its Major programme. However, to earn the Minor, a student must take any 6 of the 8 core courses mentioned below:

1. Introduction to International Relations
2. Global History and International Relations 
3. India in World Affairs 
4. Theorizing International Relations 
5. Global Political Thought
6. Interrogating Histories and Theories of Economic Development
7. Knowing and Governing Ecosystems and Economies and
8. International Security

Please note that 24 credits are required to become eligible for the award of the Minor. Each course carries 4 credits.