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Minor in International Relations

The Department offers an undergraduate Minor in International Relations to those students of the university who are pursuing undergraduate majors in other disciplines. 

Key Information

International Relations and Governance Studies
School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS)
Dr. Atul Mishra, UG Advisor

The Minor comprises a rigorous exposure to the essentials of International Relations (IR). It familiarizes students with the fundamentals of IR as a discipline and offers skills of analyis and writing on issues within the field. Students take the same courses as are offered as part of the Major in IR to the Departmental students and they go through the same assessement process.

Process for earning the Minor in International Relations

Students can claim the Minor after completing the 2 compulsory and 4 elective courses (as mentioned below) at the end of their academic programme.  

Students can also apply for the Minor by filling out the form issued by the office of the Associate Dean, Academics, at the beginning of every Monsoon semester. Applying students must note however that given the high number of applicants to the Minor programme, the Department of International Relations and Governance Studies is able to accommodate only a limited number of students. In other words, mere application to the Minor does not guarantee registration.

Imp. for Spring 2022 semester:

  1. Students already registered for the Minor may continue doing the required courses (as mentioned below), provided their timetable permits enrollment to the courses.
  2. Students who have decided to pursue the IR Minor in this semester should enroll for the required courses (as mentioned below), provided their timetable permits enrollment to the courses.    

Courses to be completed

To earn the Minor, a student must complete a total of 6 (six) courses offered by the Department as part of the IR Major. Two of the 6 completed should be INT101 (offered in Monsoon) and INT105 (offered in Spring). The list of courses on offer in Spring 2022 is as follows: 

Core Courses

INT 103 India in World Affairs

INT 104 International Organizations and Global Governance

INT 105 Theorizing International Relations

INT 204 International Security  

INT 205 Science, Technology and IR  

INT 301 International Law and World Politics   


Major Electives/UWEs

INT 145 Agri-food systems: Work and Technology in Contemporary Asia

INT 246 Constitution, Governance and Politics in India  

INT 248 China and the Global Political Economy  

INT 249 Political Philosophy I    

INT 350 Islam and Global Politics

INT 351 Challenges of the New Republic: India, 1937-1964

INT 352 An In-between Place: Society, Politics and Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia